Friday, 8 April 2011

Tuna Filled Cos Lettuce Cups Topped with Salsa...

When in need of a quick bite to eat...

Ingredients and processes...

1x Large tin of Tuna (I get mine from my local health food shop, it 
only has olive oil and tuna in it).

Cos leaves (As many as your wanting to eat, I find one head of cos fills two).

Salsa to top the cos leaves (I have a recipe listed on my blog for this under condiments)


1. Lay the Cos leaves onto your plate of choice.
2. Spoon in your tuna of choice.
3. Top with salsa

Your now ready to munch back your quick and easy meal! I eat these when I am lacking in time as I often have salsa already prepped in my fridge. Hope you enjoy!


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