Friday, 18 November 2011

My Summer Citrus & Ginger Elixir...

Summer Hits and the Thirst Begins...

To many times we go for the sugar filled Juices, Fizzy Pop, and Even the KEG building BEER! 

So, I have decided that I am on a quest of thirst quenching, refreshing and hydrating drinks for this summer. We all know water is good for us! This drink does contain water, but sometimes we just need something a little more! So here Is the First of my many to come tasty drinks!


Juice of one lemon
Juice of one sweet mandarin
1 nub of ginger 
1/2 cup of ice
Spring water (sparkling or not) to top

I juiced my lemon, ginger and mandarin. Added my citrus juice to my blender with my ice and blitzed it up! I followed by topping my now slushy like mix with my water. This mix made two beautiful refreshing summer drinks. If you like things a little sweeter you could add a teaspoon of raw honey to keep it on the RAW side!

Thanks Guys!