Friday, 1 July 2011

Flax Wraps

I have been mucking around with recipes for wraps since I began paleo...
She's a keeper. I dedicate this recipe to my first recipe funder as I know this will be a great staple to us all! 


(makes about 6 medium wraps)

1/4 cup egg white powder (I dont know why but its worked the best. Pick it up from any health food shop)
1 cup flax meal (ground flax seeds)
1 3/4 cup water

 1. Ingredients 

 2. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blitz

 3. Should now look as above

 4. Set your heat at medium. I used coconut oil (in spay form) to grease after each wrap is cooked. Pour your mixture onto your already heated flat pan and move around to ensure you get a thin, round wrap. These do take a while to cook. Do not rush them. 

5. You'll know when your wrap is ready to flip when the edges are lifting off your pan. Be gentle when flipping. Once you have flipped your wrap it becomes much more pliable. Set them aside to cool and once cool they are ready.

These are AWSOME.
Eat them as a wrap, burrito, ENDLESS options!



  1. I was just looking for a paleo wrap recipe the other day and today I see this on Chowstalker. These look so easy to make. Thanks for posting it! :)

  2. Hey do you think that egg white protein powder would work in place of egg white powder?

  3. um, well I'm pretty sure thats what mine was. Organic egg white powder which is just egg white protein. Have a go and see :) It cant hurt to try.

  4. These are really good. Is there a trick to making them thinner? I tried using the back of my spoon, but the batter kept separating in the pan. I did remove it from the heat to make the wrap nice and round and give me a little time to spread it thinner... any other suggestions?