Saturday, 2 April 2011

1st post spose you better know a little about me....

From as long and as far back as I can remember Ive been cooking. 
There is those people you meet that just have this natural ability to for example, dancing with such grace, surfing like there not even trying, Singing as if there just talking.
Then, there was me. I cook, its just one of those things that has always just come so natural to me. I never even thought about doing something else for a job. I never even wanted to do anything else.   
I remember being maybe around 5 years old in my bedroom. I had this little oven called "the easy bake oven" it was powered by a light bulb. I used to make all-sorts of things with it. When I think about it it makes me laugh. Most little girls have there dolls etc. Here I am with a little oven in my room at 5 cooking away. So I guess Its always been in my blood.
There was times I wasnt always so good at it. For example when I was around 7 I got interested in baking cookies. Only I didnt understand the whole ratio thing. I didnt know what this tsp or tbsp was about so a cup of each I thought! I wondered why everyone ate my cookies and just smiled and turned away real fast (it'd been adding 1 cup of baking soda instead of 1tsp)...
My family life was always busy growing up my parents worked,had a church and when we were in the usa our church had a food bank. So life was busy and I can remember cooking the family dinner from as early as 10 years old. I wasnt and have never been the biggest of people so i had the kitchen chair to stand on helping me on my way.
Apparently Ive been a head chef since i was very young. Delegating, bossing people around telling people how to do and not to do things. My mom tells me a story i don't really remember fully, but apparently my grandma was mopping the floor. I must have been around 7 years old. She was mopping from the outside in. I looked at her and said "grandma, you mop from the corner out!" My mom said she just looked at me and laughed.
20 Odd years later Im still in the kitchen only I do it to pay the rent. I dont so much enjoy cooking for a living anymore. As a Job it takes its toll on you. So Im also studying to be a personal trainer. My other love. I still love cooking, but I think Id rather save that for me now. Ive done enough of giving my love away to everyone else while I eat my 2 hour old cold lunch in bites as i run past.
When most chefs get home from work they oped for the easy baked beans on toast, a sammie etc. Not me! thats when I get to do what I love for me. Thats why I thought this blog i am today starting would be great. This is me doing what I love for me, and Im sharing it in a way that I want to.
Lets face it. I'm a food geek. I go to the markets and I see a bright beautiful pepper and I'm like WOW look at that, and peter (my fiance) says what its a pepper... I love the colors, the crunch, the smell and finally the tastes. I love the way a good meal can bring people together or make a hard day end so pleasant. When I cook I pour me into it. I hope that it brightens someones day or gives them an experience they've never had.
So for you here is my blog. These recipes are the most important ones to me. There the ones I make for me, the people I love and in my own time. The ones I put my feelings and thoughts into. They aren't just recipes there are who i am and how i live my life.
I eat paleo or i might call it "Shanah paleo". I might eat somethings that arnt completely paleo. What can I say I'm a chef I try my best. if you dont understand what paleo is look it up. As I learn how to blog more etc i'll add links about it. Most of my recipes will be paleo so I thought Id explain that. Peter my fiance doesn't always eat paleo so I'll also add a non paleo version on the odd occasion. 
Im a chef and in no way am I great with grammar, spelling and all that stuff. I dont have a load of patients and I tend to rush so excuse my miss spellings and mumbo jumbo and enjoy my food. 



  1. Mopping from the corner out makes so much more sense! Haha! Love the blog and the first recipe. It's about time you started sharing. Do you reckon your next post could be about your famous mince on toast? Haha! From Nestie.

  2. Ok you said it grammar, bahhh, spelling bahhh, mumbo jumbo well that the Shanah we love, COOKING now that's a different story, your ok at it......just jokes you are an awesome chef, impatient but thats typical chef's.

    Love the blog and your food, as usual, looks and sounds beautiful.

    Good Luck