Friday, 15 April 2011

Lamb Shanks...

Nothing better than a big plate of lamb shanks. Was nearly a 10, but it wasn't kiwi lamb...


Pre-heat oven 180c

4 large Lamb shanks
1 cup of tomato paste
1 tin of organic chopped tomatos
1 cup of a deep red wine
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 
8 cloves of garlic
1 large brown onion
1 tbsp rosemarry
1 tbsp basil
5 cups of tap water (to top shanks at the end)
1 tsp of celtic sea salt
1tsp of ground black pepper


 More ingredients

 1. On a flat grill, sear your Shanks (to keep that juice nicely stuck in there).

 2. Place your Lamb shanks into a deep oven dish

 3. I rubbed the tomato paste on the top of the lamb shanks, poured the chopped tomato's over them, and the garlic and brown onion. I then followed by pouring the balsamic and red wine over each. Topped with the fresh herbs and salt & pepper. I ending with topping the lamb shanks until they were each submersed in water (around 5 cups). In the oven they went. I left them for one hour with out turning. After that 1st hour i turned them each every half hour.

3 hours later they were falling apart and melt in the mouth. The sauce that was once very watery had reduced well over half and was a now beautiful rich flavor. Now ready to eat!

I do hope you enjoy these as much as we did. We had them with my cauliflower mash (also on my blog), and a side of broccolini (on my blog as well). Went down a nice weekend treat!



  1. Hi Shanah, this looks so good. We just purchased a lamb and take delivery in a few weeks, so I am bookmarking this recipe. I sure hope you will consider submitting it and your other Paleo recipes to Chowstalker. Also, we will be launching a Paleo/low-carb dessert site in the very near future, and it would be great if you shared some of your sweets there! Nice blog!

  2. Hello patty,

    So glad you enjoyed them! I'm slowly learning more and more everyday about this blog stuff! I've been a chef for many years. Cooking is easy it's low carb, paleo cooking that is the challenge I am loving. I need a better camera and some lessons! I wish I could just cook and have someone shoot it and type it all up haha. I'm just the brawn of it all! I am happy to help enhance the lives of anyone I can! Just tell me how to help! I hope you enjoy the shanks when you get them! I sure did.


  3. Hi Shanah, Well it looks like you are nailing it with the low carb/paleo aspect, so your chef skills are shining! If you want to submit pictures, which should send some new traffic to your blog, just follow the instructions on the "Share your chow" page on If you have any questions at all or need help, feel free to send me an email or use the comment page for help! I need a better camera too, but my photography skills are what i need to work on first. I am hoping to entice some of the better photographers to share some tips with us on the site...hope to have that up soon!